All-New Mazda MX-5

All-New Mazda MX-5


The all-new Mazda MX-5 embodies everything this iconic car is famous for and more. A fusion of art and science where everything works in perfect harmony to deliver the ultimate adrenalin rush.

Experience its responsive handling, rapid acceleration, individual comfort, whilst striking KODO: Soul of Motion design provides standout presence to keep turning heads.

The traditional soft top of the MX-5 maintains the iconic streamlined silhouette to which we have all become accustomed; all-in-all, the Mazda MX-5 is engineered for people in search of the driving fun that only a pure roadster can provide.


The MX-5, loved and celebrated by many over the years retains the iconic style while incorporating elements of Mazda's latest design themes for a dynamic, athletic look that embodies the MX-5's function and purpose as a sports car. The Flowing lines and perfect 50:50 weight distribution ensure the perfect balance of handling and agility, along with a low centre of gravity, dual exhaust and large alloy wheels to optimise performance. The beautiful body is designed with performance in mind without any compromise on style.


The inside of the Mazda MX5 is a very special place to be, the experience begins when you slide into the sporty seats, get ready for pure pleasure, wrap your hands around the luxury leather steering wheel getting an instant connection and as you push the gearstick with precision into gear with a responsive and direct feel. From the brushed aluminium dashboard to the chunky centre console that wraps around you, this two-seater car combines roadster driving with touches of luxury. All controls and equipment intuitively positioned – so you can focus on the fun you're having behind the wheel.


MZD-Connect is a brand new way to deepen your connection with the car, bringing advanced infotainment to your fingertips. A convenient 7" touchscreen and voice controls ensure you never need to take your eyes from the road ahead. Play music from your iPhone® or MP3 player with the auxiliary input connection.

At Mazda we do things differently by using direct fuel injection techniques and optimized piston positioning, Mazda's unique ''i-Stop'' allow drivers to re-start almost instantly while leading to a significant improvement in fuel economy.


Test the limits of your curiosity in all-new Mazda MX-5 – wherever you roam, it will work hard behind the scenes to keep journeys safer and more enjoyable. Our active car safety features work to prevent collisions occurring – and this car's outstanding road handling also helps you stay out of trouble. Features such as the Deployable Hood System, designed to protect pedestrians in the event of a front-on collision, and enhanced seats to support the head and upper body during impact. And if any collision does occur we've built in passive car safety features to protect you. These include dual front airbags and side airbags. And the car's reinforced steel body shell includes our MAIDAS technology that protects the critical interior space of this sports car.

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