Lifestyle Europe strive to bring you the best in not only quality, but also value for money when it comes to purchasing elite tier brands. We want to ensure no matter what your budget or background, you can easily afford any of our models.

To help keep that promise, all of the vehicles in our KIA range come with a guaranteed seven-year warranty, handing you the reassurance you won’t be left up the creek without a paddle should the worst happen. The Sorento is no exception to this rule, making it a fantastic car for family life owing to its luxurious size and nature.

The Sorento is understandably one of the pricier vehicles in the KIA range, but still comes to you at the fee of just £439 per month – not bad considering the great size and power of this vessel.

A 2.2-litre diesel engine gives you a little extra pep for your buck, while the seven-seated SUV stands out from other vehicles in the same field for all the right reasons. There’s a very streamlined feel to the Sorento, with the usual cluster and bulk you’d associate with a car of its size not a factor here.

The car also comes with electric stability control and vehicle stability management, as well as cruise control, automatic light control and even heated front seats. These tech speculations, coupled with the sleek finish on the KIA, make it well worth the asking price. Click the offers above for further information.

If the KIA Sorento appeals, then why not get in contact with a member of the Lifestyle team about purchasing one today? We’d love for you to come down to our showroom and take the car for a spin to see if it’s really right for you. For more amazing deals on KIA cars and other brands, check out the rest of the offers on our site.