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Wouldn't it be great if you could capture the moment you pick up your new car from the dealership. The paintwork silky smooth to touch, and sparkling under the showroom lights; the interior fresh, and all the fabric surfaces spotlessly clean. Now imagine that feeling every time you open the garage door, and imagine being able to keep your car that way with less effort than you're used to?

Diamondbrite is a complete car protection system, designed to help keep your vehicle in showroom condition inside and our - for life*

Diamondbrite effectively creates an invisible, almost impenetrable shield in and around your vehicle. Diamondbrite is recommended by Ford Cars Online as the superior interior and exterior protection system for your car.

Phase 1 | Exterior Protection

Patented Diamondbrite products are carefully applied to your vehicle leaving a hard, high gloss protective 'shield' which prevents caustic atmospheric pollutants from contacting your car's paintwork. For a professional finish guaranteed for life*, Diamondbrite can only be applied at authorised Diamondbrite centres and by fully-trained technicians.

Once treated with the Diamondbrite process you will never have to polish your car again. Simply wash down using Jewelultra Shampoo and Conserver (enough to last one year is supplied with the initial application. More can be purchased from your local dealer or direct from Jewelultra).

Isn't your bodywork already guaranteed?

Your new car's bodywork is usually only guaranteed against rust penetration and separation of paint from metal.

The actual finish of the paint is your responsibility as it is your aftercare which determines its ongoing condition. And here is the problem; even if you regularly and thoroughly clean and polish your car it will not prevent attack from our corrosive atmosphere. Even under normal driving conditions your new car will be exposed to pollutants which will progressively erode your paintwork, leaving marks and stains or worse making the colour appear dull and faded. More serious damage is happening on a microscopic level, with the smooth surface of the factory applied finish being attacked leaving it pitted and even more receptive to holding corrosive dirt. This vicious cycle leads to a rapid degeneration - in months rather than years - and explains why your car becomes harder to wash and keep clean over time.

Phase 2 | Interior Protection

Fabric Protection

During the Diamondbrite Fabric Protection process each fibre is coated with an invisible resin based material. After treatment your fabric will be guaranteed for life against normal everyday spills and stains. Diamondbrite has been successfully tested with tea, coffee, hot chocolate, alcohol, milk, fruit juices, cola, fizzy drinks, chocolate, confectionary and grease from foodstuffs. All of these were repelled by the treated fabric and either passed straight through the weave or beaded up allowing an easy wipe away.

Carpet Protection

Your carpets are subject to more wear than any other part of the car, and can quickly lose their original appearance, with ground in dirt working down into the pile of the carpet and wearing it out. Simple vacuuming will not bring the dirt to the surface. Diamondbrite carpet protection seals the base and surface fibre to prevent liquids from soaking into the car's carpet and footwell areas; meaning dirt and grime, including dog hairs, can be easily removed.

Leather Protection

Leather treatment is not part of the guaranteed Diamondbrite process, however Diamondbrite do supply a high quality leather Feed and Cleaner which preserves leather, keeping it supple and flexible. Provided as an optinoal extra on all After Care packs it should be applied at regular intervals to prevent leather from drying or cracking.

*Fading from ultraviolet light is virtually eliminated as is nitrate etching caused by bird droppings (provided it is removed within 7 days and retreated with Diamondbrite Conserver).

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